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Helpful Articles

Apr 24

Choosing Funeral Flowers: A Guide from William R Groves Funeral Directors

Posted by William R. Groves Funeral

Flowers are a traditional part of funeral services, serving as a tribute to the deceased and offering visual comfort to the family and friends in mourning. At William R Groves Funeral Directors, we help families select funeral flowers that are thoughtful, appropriate, and reflective of the loved one’s life. This article discusses key considerations when choosing funeral flowers.

Types of Funeral Flowers

  • Wreaths: Circular wreaths represent eternal life and are a common tribute at funerals.
  • Sprays: These are large, flat bouquets that can be displayed on a stand during the service and are visible from one side.
  • Baskets and Arrangements: These can be used to decorate the service venue or the home of the bereaved.

Consider the Symbolism Different flowers and their colours often carry specific meanings. For example, lilies are commonly associated with the restoration of innocence to the soul of the departed. Roses can signify love and grief, with different colours expressing different sentiments (red for love, white for reverence, etc.).

Personalise the Selection Choose flowers that had special significance to the deceased or their family. Perhaps the deceased had a favourite flower or colour, or there might be a type of flower that was significant in their life events.

Cultural Considerations Be mindful of any cultural significances or preferences regarding funeral flowers. Some cultures prefer certain colours or types of flowers, while others might find certain arrangements inappropriate.

Eco-Friendly Options For those concerned with environmental impact, consider eco-friendly options such as locally grown flowers or living plants that can be replanted.

Professional Guidance At William R Groves Funeral Directors, our consultants are experienced in helping families navigate the choice of funeral flowers. We can assist in coordinating with local florists to ensure that the floral tributes are both beautiful and fitting.

Flowers are a powerful symbol of life, respect, and condolence. Choosing the right flowers for a funeral is an important part of planning a service that honours the deceased while providing comfort to those who grieve.