Funeral Price Guide

Funeral Price Guide

William R. Groves Funeral Price Guide

Information required pursuant to Part 2, Division 2 of the Fair Trading Regulation 2019 As at 1 July 2024

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Prescribed Funeral Goods & Services

Price of the least expensive package is $3,300

(no service, no attendance cremation, no view) includes Compulsory NSW Government Cremation Levy

(GST Inclusive)
(GST Inclusive)
Mortuary Fee:

Care and preparation of deceased prior to cremation or burial*

Storage of the deceased in our mortuary/holding room

Basic preparation of deceased only, non-standard will be charged
as a disbursement)


Hire of a refrigeration plate

Not applicable
Coffins and Caskets*

Please note

  • – adult size coffin only (please enquire for children’s coffins)
  • – assumes standard size coffins/caskets (additional cost for oversize coffin)
  • – shrouds, where used, are included in the cost of the coffin/casket.
Prices range from $1,200 – $5,380
Viewing of deceased*

Please note:

  • assumes viewing is between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (additional charge for viewing of deceased outside business hours depending on circumstances).
Service Fee*

Please note:

Arrangement and conduct of a funeral service (inclusive of venue, if our chapel is used)

Arrangement and conduct of a dual service (additional charges may apply for external venue hire)

Single Service
Monday to Friday: $4,125

Dual Service
Monday to Friday: $4,450


Notes:- These are third party charges. Below are our reasonable estimates, which are subject to change. -There may also be other disbursements that are not captured below.

(GST Inclusive)
(GST Inclusive)
  • Death Certificate (obtained from NSW Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages)

Please note: different states charge different fees

Cremation Certificate
$150 N/A

Cremation Permit

$150 N/A

Cremation Fee

Please note: different crematoriums charge different fees

Compulsory NSW Government Levy





Burial/Memorial Plot Fees

Cemetery plots vary depending on Local Council Fees or Cemetery Trust Fees

$500 – $9,500

In accordance with the Fair Trading Regulation Act NSW


  • Price of the least expensive package is $3,750 (no service, no attendance cremation, no
  • The company’s mortuary is located at 365-367 Argyle St, Picton, NSW 2571.
  • Unless otherwise requested, the company would use the crematorium located at Smeaton Grange, owned and operated by Personal Services Australia (PSA)
  • Transportation of the deceased to the burial or cremation will be in a suitable vehicle
    owned by the company, such as a transfer vehicle or hearse.