Funeral Price Guide

Funeral Price Guide

William R. Groves Funeral Price Guide

In accordance with the Fair Trading Regulation Act NSW, and to ensure transparency in respect of pricing, please see our pricing and disclosure document below.

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Prescribed Funeral Goods & Services

(GST Inclusive)
(GST Inclusive)
Mortuary Fee:

Care and preparation of deceased prior to cremation or burial*

Storage of the deceased in our mortuary/holding room

Basic preparation of deceased only, non-standard will be charged
as a disbursement)


Hire of a refrigeration plate

Not applicable
Coffins and Caskets*

Please note

  • – adult size coffin only (please enquire for children’s coffins)
  • – assumes standard size coffins/caskets (additional cost for oversize coffin)
  • – shrouds, where used, are included in the cost of the coffin/casket.
Prices range from $1871 – $7,380
Viewing of deceased*

Please note:

  • assumes viewing is between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (additional charge for viewing of deceased outside business hours depending on circumstances).
Service Fee*

Please note:

Arrangement and conduct of a funeral service (inclusive of venue, if our chapel is used)

Arrangement and conduct of a dual service (additional charges may apply for external venue hire)

Single Service
Monday to Friday: $3,949

Dual Service
Monday to Friday: $4,257


Notes:- These are third party charges. Below are our reasonable estimates, which are subject to change. -There may also be other disbursements that are not captured below.

(GST Inclusive)
(GST Inclusive)
  • Death Certificate (obtained from NSW Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages)

Please note: different states charge different fees

Cremation Certificate
$192 N/A

Cremation Permit

$192 N/A

Cremation Fee

Please note: different crematoriums charge different fees

$1,564 N/A

Burial/Memorial Plot Fees

Cemetery plots vary depending on Local Council Fees or Cemetery Trust Fees

$500 – $9,500

In accordance with the Fair Trading Regulation Act NSW


  • Price of the least expensive package is $3,750 (no service, no attendance cremation, no
  • The company’s mortuary is located at 365-367 Argyle St, Picton, NSW 2571.
  • Unless otherwise requested, the company would use the crematorium located at Smeaton Grange, owned and operated by Personal Services Australia (PSA)
  • Transportation of the deceased to the burial or cremation will be in a suitable vehicle
    owned by the company, such as a transfer vehicle or hearse.