Personalised Funerals

Personalised Funerals

William R. Groves Funeral Directors Personalised Funerals

These days, a funeral is no longer the formal service that it once was. We tailor your loved one’s farewell to reflect them. If they were an outdoors person, we can do that. Perhaps an intimate service in our cottage? Or would a graveside service be more fitting? Perhaps their love of cars is an important part of who they are – we can do that too. From wrapping the coffin in particular images, to the hire of custom vehicles, including motorbikes, we endeavour to make this time memorable.

“We are here for you when you need us.”

Be it a Church setting, reception venue, any number of crematoriums or cemeteries, we at William R Groves listen to you for what you are hoping for and treat your suggestions with a ‘can-do’ attitude. Our beautiful memorial photograph album records not just signatures but photos of your loved one, as a lasting memento – just part of our service to you.

Maybe flowers are not reflective of them? Could it be a footy jumper, trophies, a handicraft, or fishing rods? The decoration on the top of a casket or coffin is completely up to you. Can even be nothing. That is your decision. We are here to guide, make suggestions and where practical honour your wishes and that of your loved one. It should be all about them by the people they have loved for a lifetime.